Consistency in Your Walk with Jesus

Acts 17:15

“The men who escorted Paul brought him to Athens and then left with instructions for Silas and Timothy to join him as soon as possible”

Thoughts for Today:

Throughout Acts and much of the New Testament we see Paul as the spokesperson, the front man if you will, for much of the new Christian movement. But is that the way Paul saw himself? I don’t think so. Paul had many opportunities to go it alone, and this was one of them, yet he did not. Instead he wanted and waited for Silas and Timothy to be with him.

Throughout the Book of Acts we’ve seen Paul’s example of partnering with other Christians: first with Barnabas, then with Silas, and now Timothy is becoming an important companion. Yet in his pre-Christian days (in his “Saul” days as a persecutor of Christians), it appears he was always alone. And he got off track considerably as a result (for example, he was responsible for the stoning death of Stephen).

I think Paul found that it’s through our relationship with other brothers and sisters in Christ that we become more accountable to our faith. It’s how we become more consistent. It’s how we stay on track. During times of weakness and tribulation, we draw our strength not only from the Lord and His Holy Spirit, but also from our friends as they provide for us their example of faith, commitment, courage and most of all — their presence. Paul wasn’t too strong, too egotistical or too anything to not acknowledge that he needed and wanted his friends to be with him. Should we be any different?

Questions to Ponder:

I think one of the biggest reasons Christians have problems with consistency in their walk with Jesus is a lack of good quality Christian friends (and it requires spending time with them).

What about you? Who are your best friends, are they Christians? Over the last week, how much time have you spent with them? God placed us in the family of God for a reason. He knows we need a relationship with other Christians. Make a commitment to be with your brothers and sisters in Christ — regularly. Are you currently in a small group that meets regularly? Consider joining, or better yet, forming one. It will change your life.



5 thoughts on “Consistency in Your Walk with Jesus

  1. Be blessed Annette for the wonderful message, so God help me to work on it. I really need to be consistency walking with JESUS through the support of brothers and sisters in JESUS, amen!

  2. Thank you very much Annette for that challenge. Every body of us will work on that by assessing his/her companion as he/she is walking with Jesus (Mathew 18:19-20). God bless you.

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