Sarah Kiarie – Liseme


15 thoughts on “Sarah Kiarie – Liseme

  1. God bless you so much because you are always a blessing to me through your songs

  2. Thank you so much for the song Liseme!!! You can’t imagine how much it helps me through the difficult times that I’m heading…
    Please continue your great work. God bless you and your family.

  3. Sarah i love yr music though i don’t understand the words am a Ugandan and i bought yr that album liseme when i came to Nairobi last year,pliz tell where i can find yr albums here in Kampala .

  4. May God bless with ur talent and anoint ur way wherever ur singing.ave a blessed sunday.!

  5. Hi sarah i love ur song liseme. especially when i’m feeling lonely.keep it up and God bless u,,,,’!

  6. surely,you are doing what you were created for:to worship and give glory to God.keep it up Sarah

  7. The songs are a blessing to many. I always listen to them during lunch time for inspiration. Bravo sister.

  8. B blessed ma sister u r a blessing to many n may the good God continue empowering u n annoint u each n every day n give u more revelation.’wamtumainiaye Bwana watahaibika kamwe.’

  9. You nailed it my sister! Indeed, there is no challenge that He can not deal With. Be blessed in your wonderful ministry.

  10. am glad your music blesses my pastoral ministry,so keep up and may God give you more revelation in your music ministry

  11. You are a blessing to many. surely your music is more than preaching and teaching the word of God. when I enter my office in the morning i listen to your youtube music to help me soldier on the day. May the Peace of the Lord be with you my sister-in- christ as you bless others.

  12. God bless you sister, you have the gift…wamtumainie Bwana and this one!

  13. may God bless,lift you and enlarged you boundaries of your singing.You have been a blessing to my soul through your songs especially this song.

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