‘Politics’ is the science of government. It has to do with the behavior and activity of those who possess governmental power.  It refers to the methods and tactics used to formulate policy and the principles adopted to apply that policy.

Because inherent in the flesh of human kind is a desire for self exaltation, any kind of power tends to corrupt.  Very few politicians have a selfless desire to improve government if there is nothing in it for them.  They want to increase their positions, further their careers and climb to the top.  They are driven by a desire for power, not because they believe they have the answer, but for powers sake.  Politics therefore becomes a degenerate profession which engages deception and lies as acceptable tools.

Politics is man’s government, using man’s methods, for the exaltation of man.

As such, politics has no part in the Kingdom of God.  There is no room for people who want to be in charge, enjoy position and power and by the ingenuity of the human mind, control the work of God.  God does not give spiritual authority into the hands of men and committees.  He has His ‘sent ones’ who are His servants and He expects them to listen to Him and do as they are told.  In other words He expects them to operate by faith.  We do not need the methods and tactics of men, which originate in logical minds and feed the human ego.  We need Holy Ghost instruction.  We need men and women who are as weak and base and foolish as was Abraham, when he went out not knowing where he was going.

Politicians are everywhere in the modern church, because politics is much easier and much more comfortable.  Politics promise power, possible popularity and recognition by people and, if the methods are clever enough, apparent success.

Politicians are threatened by men and women of faith.  Their kingdom is jeopardized by those who move with the Spirit.  They hear the sound of them, but know not whence they come, or where they go.  But as more humble servants of Jesus, moved by God, are deployed by the Master Strategist into His harvest fields, attested by the power of the Holy Spirit, the politicians will be forced to stand aside as He who governs like no other, imposes His will upon the church He died to produce.

John Hibbert



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