UDOM Mission conference 3-9 April 2012

An International mission conference sports-bonanza, music concert, film shows, leadership seminars, relating well seminars, Interfaith dialogues, are you struggling academically? with students and young professionals from over 23 countries. Good place to hang up during Easter. Have you been to UDOM or you just hear news about it? A Kenyan student said ”even if all Tanzanians will miss, I will not afford to miss such a huge campus in our area. ”Will you miss? come and meet with thousands of students and share ideas.

For more informations contacts;-

Dismas Shekalaghe
National Leader,
Life Ministry(T)
P.o.box 7962,Dar es salaam,
Tel (office)+255-22-2461965;Fax +255-22-2462014
Mobile:  +255-713-270164, +255-762 413132
Email: office  admin@lifeministrytz.org;
Emails: dismas.shekalaghe@lifeministrytz.org, dishekalaghe@gmail.com
Website: http://www.lifeministrytz.org.

3 thoughts on “UDOM Mission conference 3-9 April 2012

  1. When you advertise something like this in the future, don’t forget to mention when the event is going to take place!


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