Yesu alidhihirishwa ili kuharibu kazi za shetani

1.Kazi za Mungu ni zipi na kazi za shetani ni zipi?

Tangu kale watu walijua kazi za Mungu zina msaada kwa mwanadamu Zaburi 78:4, 12-15,26; 92:4, 13-15.

Yesu alipokuja alikuwa akifanya kazi za Baba yake . Kisa cha uponyaji katika birikaYohana 5: 17, 20, 36; Yohana 10:27. Hivyo tunajua kazi alizotenda Bwana Yesu zilikuwa njema Matendo 10:38

Kazi za shetani alizokuja kuharibu Bwana Yesu ni zipi? Tukitazama yale aliyofanya Bwana tunagundua kazi za ibilisi ni pamoja na magonjwa. Luka 13:16. TazamaYohana 10:10

2.Yesu alichukua mwili ili aharibu kazi za shetani.

Shida zilizokuwa katika mwili wa binadamu hakuna anayeweza kuzimaliza isipokuwa kwa kung’oa chanzo chake. Ndiyo maana ilibidi Yesu atoke mbinguni, akachukua mwili wa kibinadamu ili akamate mhalifu katika maficho yake. Waebrania 2:14

Dhambi na magonjwa vyote vilitokea kona moja na vinampeleka mwanadamu katika uharibifu. MAUTI MAUTI!!!

3.Damu yake ilipomwagika

Biblia utufundisha uzima umo katika damu. Walawi 17:11.

Kwa vile shetani ameleta mauti Yesu alimwaga damu pale msalabani ili uzima wa Mungu ufike duniani na kuwafikia wanadamu.

Damu ilipomwagika ushindi ulikuja kwako kwa uzima wa Mungu na ulimeza mauti.Ufunuo 12:11

4.Mabadilishano Kalvari.

Kazi ya ajabu ilifanyika pale Kalvari ni mabadilishano. Yesu akichukua shida zetu na kukabiliana na ugumu wake na kutupatia Baraka zake. Isaya 53:4-5; Mathayo 8:17; 1 Pet 2:24.

Yesu anaonekana katika sura ya jenerali aliyeshinda vita. Wakolosai 2:13-15

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  1. Yesu alidhihirishwa ili kuharibu kazi za shetani!

    Kazi za Mungu ni zipi na kazi za shetani ni zipi?
    Naona hili ndilo lilikuwa swali la mpendwa lililo la msingi katika mada hii.
    Kwa kazi ya uumbaji kama alivyoandika Amani Sarepta ni mema kabisa tena NI HAKIKA. Napenda kuongezea tu ya kwamba kazi moja kubwa na muhimu ya Mungu baada ya anguko la mwanadamu ni “kumrudishia mwanadamu uzima wa milele” Na uzima wa milele hauanzi baada ya kifo cha mwili bali huanza wakati mtu awapo hai na kukubali kutubu na kuishi katika toba ya kila siku; maana kwa upande wa pili kazi kubwa ya Shetani yaani Ibilisi ni kuwatafuta watu ili awapoteze katika mauti ya milele ambayo pia haianzi wakati mtu afapo kimwili. Hukumu ya Shetani ilikwisha tolewa na hata yeye anajua hilo. Kwa sababu hiyo anapenda kuwatafuta watu ili waende pamoja naye huko kuzimuni. Wale ambao tayari amewapata hana sababu ya kuwatafuta tena, ila huwajaza matumaini gizani wakiendelea na mambo yasiyompendeza Mungu yaani uasi: Mambo haya ni yale yanayopingana na mapenzi ya Mungu. mapenzi ya Mungu ni kutenda mema.
    Kwa kifupi basi kazi za Mungu ni UZIMA wa milele (tofautisha Uzima na Uhai)
    na kazi ya Shetani Mauti ya milele (tofautisha Mauti na kifo)


    Why should there be New Creation
    Gen 1&2

    By virtue of the times and levels of godliness we have reached now whereby we can command the universe and create things just through thought and word of mouth and they happen in true form, I can proudly proclaim, “GOD IS BACK!”. The times of ‘In the Beginning’ when God spoke face-to-face to His chosen people, which He again makes a future reference to in Lk 20: 16 that He will come Himself and ‘take back His vineyard and give to those who deserve it’, is now. The sole reason why we have the New Creation is because God’s master plan -since the beginning of times and periods according to Genesis 1&2, was soiled and stolen by satan, and by the world after the great fall. God’s intention for Creation was for all that He created to be good and pleasant. We see in the beginning God creating light through speech; He says“…3Let there be light” Poof, Light! The Gospel according to Jn 1: 1-5 says “1in the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…” and it continues saying, “4In Him was Life, and the life was the Light of Men”. So it means ‘speech’ in essence was and is an existing spirit. The Holy Scriptures tell us that Jesus is the Word of Life, and is Light. It is after He came that men could now see, and discover and invent, and create things that were otherwise hidden and kept secret for many, many centuries.

    If you marry these two Holy writings you realize if Jesus is the Word, then it was indeed Jesus who was with God during Creation. What does this mean? It further lends credence that the Word is Jesus himself! Now isn’t that just Wow? You think about it a bit, picture this scenario; Jesus working side by side with God Himself, just thinking it and pronouncing by Word “let there be this, let there be that…”, and pronto!, things, wonderful thing called Creation happens, all at once! Just like that. And you can NOT compare it with anything else, simply because there isn’t anything like it so absolute. And watch carefully, there is a pattern and order to God’s creation. Everything He Created for that particular day had to be created on that particular day and not on any other day before nor after that day. It is simple, ‘when building a house, you do not erect a roof in space then bring in furniture before pouring the foundation, nor plaster the walls before you build the house’, as Prophet & Apostle Elijah of the Fourth Generation says. Uh-uh, there is always order and pattern, always.

    So through Light, God was able to drive away darkness, desolation and formlessness on the first day of Creation. And He went on to Create for 6 days, and he was pleased. His intention of seeing that everything that He created was good and pleasant was realized.

    But wait a minute; all was not well that seemed well in Paradise. Remember we are told in Ez 28: 19 and Rev 12: 7-9 that in the times past before Creation, Lucifer yearned to have for himself all the Glory worthy of God, and there was Great War in Heaven, and the late* Lucifer and other rebellious accomplice-angels were defeated terribly and was thrown down to earth by Archangel Michael and other loyal angels. All this happened before Creation. How so? We see in Gen 1: 1-2 “1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep…” (…the devil and his evilness after being thrown down, was there with during God’s creation), “…and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” (The Holy Spirit was also there during creation even before Pentecost Day and the spirit knew only water i.e. The Word who is Jesus Christ is what he is compatible with).

    So picture that embarrassment and shame of defeat to the one who used to be the greatest of all angels and other heavenly beings, smashed and vanquished, and thrown out from what used to be his comfortable abode, thrown into exile to live with a new neighbor whose ‘image’ he more that despised because he reminded him of all his lost glory. Thus it seems satan was bidding his time, and when he saw God working on His chef d’oeuvre of Creation, his evil mind went into over-drive. He just had to bring it all down. He began scheming.

    Scheme he schemed. And when he succeeded to put one foot on the door that Adam and Even had left open, that is all he needed. There began a chain reaction of what became to be known as the Greatest Fall that ever happened to mankind and all that God created. God’s precious work was now in jeopardy. Adam and Eve could no longer see things through God’s spiritual eyes as they used to do before because they had decided to choose to be in congress with the enemy. Therefore God had to ‘switch off’ his ‘Light’, and allow darkness to return, and the evil devil got to bring into the world with him his attributes he so desired; darkness, desolation and formlessness. Oftentimes you will hear someone say “my life is hell on earth…”, well that time of the great fall was the time and period when “life being hell on earth” entered human being’s life; when man agreed to indulge satan his fancy and got in congress with him.

    And same pattern duplicates itself even today when you choose to do what you basically know is going against the will of God.

    But let’s not stray from our subject. The question we wanted to answer was “Why New Creation?” …and Why Now?
    Before we answer the why and the when, let’s look into what went wrong in each of the six days that God did His creation which is also the six days we are supposed to be continuing the creation process, and on the seventh day He completed creating heaven and earth and all its armies, and rested, which is also the day we should rest and be entertained all sides in godly ways all our lives.

    Day I:
    Gen 1: 1-5
    This is the Day for SEEING.

    When God created light, he wanted darkness, desolation and formlessness that existed to cease existing. Gen 1: 2(a) says “2and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep…” picture desolation, barren land and roaring seas, waves smashing each other into nothingness, and worse still, it’s as dark as sin, sinister formlessness, no life; no single breathing life. Then “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters…” (Gen 1: 2[b]) Oh, so now we are learning something. There was God’s love. The Holy Spirit too was there during Creation… The Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, all were there working in concerted effort, together as a team. (You see that? The first principle of succeeding in anything we create is to hinge our efforts on teamwork, working together with other God’s children, right? Not seeking praise from men by trying to achieve solo feats).

    God said “let there be light” in Gen 1: 3. He wanted lasting light to be there till eternity. But now look at the environment surrounding people, there is no more light after the great fall, satan having stolen light from man and all of God’s creation and used it for his evil purposes, -except for the few chosen children of God who praise God on this day for its specialty.
    Its important you know why Jesus had to die and rise again; learn about the Four Generations of Creation through time and space (and the true meaning of Four Generations according to God and not the way humans have always interpreted it); the role each generation plays in the creation process; and how all of these events are connected to God once again filling the world with His Light.

    We get informed on ways which the chosen children of God are able to command Creation and the Universe to avail anything within time and space, and both obey. Because after the resurrection, we the children of God in the Fourth Tabernacle are the proudest of our God for giving back Light through us and allowing us to be involved in the creation process once again.

    Day II:
    Gen 1: 6-8.
    This is the Day for OPPORTUNITIES.

    On the second day, “6And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water… …8God called the expanse “sky.””

    This was a day of opportunity. Opportunity of climbing high, soaring to greater levels and living within God’s Word since water denotes Word of God. We see Jesus having a conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob in Sychar saying to her, “14But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life” – Jn 4: 14.

    Basically what the enemy stole here that Jesus intended to restore by dying for humanity, was the ability to see your opportunities of ensuring beyond the sky is the limit for anything you do and create; restoring bubbling life to everything we touch. Humans became blind after Light was stolen on Day One. Man could not then visualize opportunities that abound and grasp the higher levels and deeper horizons through which he could utilize knowledge, skills, talents and creativity in ways that are sincerely grateful, prayerful and praiseworthy to God. After the enemy had pilfered the light of the spiritual eye, all man could see was ‘OPPORTUNITIES ARE NO WHERE!’ Alternatively, the enemy introduced his own rules of engagement that if and when man wants to own within himself a gushing spring of all those good treasures just mentioned above which in essence God intended for him in the first place to own and use to subdue and dominate (Gen 1: 26 -remember: it’s the living soul in Gen 2: 7 which is the breathe of life in man was the one given power of dominion, not a human), then one has to undergo idolatrous rituals, kill family, relate incestuously, worship animals, participate in voodoo and witchcraft, visit astrologers and yogi, consult crystal balls, tarot cards and palmists, lacerate ones-self with blades, walk on fire, join occults like masonic temples, scientology etc.

    Praise God and never forget to pray all the time on this day. On this day is where your whole destiny lies.

    Day III:
    Gen 1: 9-13

    God separated the seas and oceans from water bodies of the mainland, and He created plants and trees of all kinds, trees bearing fruits to its own kind and purpose. And inside of those he put seeds so it produce forth more of itself.

    “11And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. 12And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good”.

    God’s intent, -an intention that was eventually stolen by the enemy, was that the seeds sown should produce forth again and again by its kind and for its profit. It means whatever seeds man sows then, be it seeds of business, education, animal husbandry, in domestic and wild animals, grains, forests, industries, agriculture, deep-sea fishing, administration –everything to its kind, was intended to multiply itself in bountiful plenty.

    After Adam lost it, all that seed vis-à-vis bounty was vaporized when the enemy stole the ability to see all opportunities that would create wealth, multiply profits, build capital for growth and set conditions for reaping plenty. But now all that inability to see opportunities that was compromised by blindness is gone, recaptured in Fourth Tabernacle and we rule today, praising our God of Armies for this day in the name of Jesus!

    Day IV:
    Gen 1: 14-19

    So as to determine seasons and times, God created two heavenly orbs –the sun and the moon, (and little, little, …or bigger stars:) to lighten up the sky, “14And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”.

    Funny thing though, I do not see anywhere God saying “and it was twelve o’clock midnight or it was 23:59 hours and 59 seconds at night, and that was day one”. A-ah! He says for every period he used to create whatever He meant to create that day, “…and it was evening, and it was morning, the ….. Day.” Oh, now you see huh? We know that God’s day runs from sunrise to sunrise next morning, so where did man come up with this idea that days start in the middle of the night if it wasn’t another pagans’ perversion of God’s intention? Do you ponder these truths deeply sometime?

    To get the basics of things we plan right, whatever we do we must plan in proper ways that exult God. We need to do everything we do while living in Light and Truth. And to capture all that there is in a day’s blessings, situate yourself on the correct spot when entering that particular day so that you are swept by the tidal forces of God’s power which are synchronistic with the day’s events and frequencies of the universe as God has laid them to be. Sit where creation sees you, appreciates you and recognizes you.

    Sit where God can find you when He comes calling; unlike Adam who hadn’t kept his watch when God called out “Adam, where art thou?” Sit in light, for without light are we able to accomplish anything really? Truth is we cannot accomplish much without light.

    Yet there is more. Just as light of the sun in the day gives way to light of the moon at night, this cycle would help us understand the whole meaning of seasons and times we live under and what our purpose in life is supposed to give way to within the seasons God gave us to live. Light would help us see and appreciate nature, which you remember initially was formless, but through the Word came into being; and also it would help us recognize signs of creation and ways to adapt to them by noting anniversaries and remembrances of important days and years. This would guide us in arranging every activity in accordance with the season it is supposed to fall in. This synchronized flow would bring about perfect creation of your handiwork so that your work also pleases God as He had intended that every creation should please Him. Therefore he would bless you with abundance and bounty. You see how all days connect to each other? What a marvelous energy!

    But what happened along the way? While still walking the path of humans, you have noticed as far as you are concerned that whatever you created either failed or it became work of hay and straw whose quality was revealed when put under the test of fire (I Cor 3: 5-10). What it means here is that the enemy stole man’s ability to comprehend how times and seasons complement events in one’s life.

    Take an illustration: you plan a journey or start a new project; everything is going quite well, for some time. But just before it takes off, some tragedy or sickness strikes and everything is just strewn in pieces all over.

    Seek and retrace your path carefully, the enemy’s plans may have been to lead you to begin your plans on the wrong times so you get synchronized with calamity on a day and times that should have been your greatest. So pray to God our Lord, so that you and your creations do not get trapped in evil times (Ecc 9: 12[b]). That is how the enemy schemes. As a child of God you must protect yourself, and every time the enemy rears its head, you crush it and completely destroy him in Jesus name.

    Another example of how the enemy’s agents twisted God’s intention for the fourth day of creation that was meant to be a blue-print for recognizing seasons and times was by changing days of creation and worshiping God into days of worshiping other works of creation. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, people from the east and the first Gentiles from the north were pagans and idolaters who worshiped animals, rocks, sun, moon, stars, mountains and they set every day and season to have its own god. Still do to date.

    Rom 12: 1-2 insists on the necessity of non-conformity to the patterns of the world so that you do not give the enemy an opportunity to pollute you. God wants to teach you only His way which of course is the only Way you need, and not the ways of the world. God will never allow the enemy to use His children as he did the first time to steal the mystery of periods and times. That is why this secret was made an exception only for the few whom He has chosen for His grand plan, so they own and dominate the whole creation in higher realms that the rulers of this world would not understand. –I Cor 2: 6-10.

    What the enemy stole from the 4th Day of Creation was:
    Seasons and times of The Church
    Prophecies in The Church
    Walking under God’s pillar of cloud

    Day V:
    Gen 1: 20-23

    20Then God said, “Let the waters swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.” 21So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird —each producing offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good. 22Then God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply. Let the fish fill the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.”

    This was the day of greatness. God decided to let Himself go! He created big things, huge things, a wide array of such complex creation that one cannot measure on any human scale; Leviathans (Job 40: 15-24), a creation that is truly amazing. Some with incomparable beauty; look at the butterfly, then embrace the whale -biggest of them all, yet so gentle. Turn to the Psychedelic Frogfish -the one of fingerprint patterns, and marvel at the eagle -a creature of such phenomenal prowess it puts any human creativity to shame! Ever asked yourself why most nations use an eagle’s image in its coat-of-arms? In His amazing might that has never before had nor ever will be replicated, God created all of this on day five.

    Now the enemy as usual wanted to make sure he steals God’s glory, by introducing lies and thwarting the way man thinks so that man doesn’t recognize the godly ability in him to create legends of herculean proportions, lasting behemoths. King David kinds of legend. John Pemberton and Coca-Cola kind of behemoths; Steve Jobs kind of behemoths. The late satan stole from man the purer, stronger soul requisite for seeing opportunities that abound, thus man became devoid of knowledge for timing the perfect season to plant the perfect seeds that would get him involved in the creation process. Before that, man was involved in the creation process and whatever term he chose, -like an animal’s name, a company name, a brand name like De Beers or Apple, would have longevity and absolute life in it – Gen 2: 19.

    Day VI:
    Gen 1: 24-31

    After creation by Word of all the rest of the creatures to their kinds; beasts of the earth, livestock and the rest that creep on the ground, in Gen 1: 26 – “26Then God said, “Let us make human beings bin our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.” God’s intention for creating human beings was that we reign over everything else God created in ways that would honor and exult His name and further his purpose of creation.

    “27So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

    Gen 2: 7 – “Yahweh God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”.
    Man, who initially was dust, was created in the like-image of God, and breathed into them was the breath of God that enabled them to be Living Souls. It is the Living Soul that enabled Adam and Eve to subdue, reign-over and dominate the whole creation then. It is the Living Soul that enables me and you and our spouses to own, reign-over and have blanket dominion over whole creation now. What is God trying to communicate here? That He created us with all the attributes He Himself has. Before the great fall, we were everything that Almighty God is, albeit a little bit. We see King David posing the question; (Ps 8: 4-6 – “4What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him? 5Yet You have made him a little lower than God, And You crown him with glory and majesty! 6You make him to rule over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under his feet…”).

    We had His great powers, we had His mighty presence, we had His unfathomable wisdom, – in short we had all the seven spirits mentioned in Is 11: 2. We were spotless.

    What do we learn from this barrenness that came in the aftermath of Great Fall? We learn that what the enemy stole was man’s ability to own and dominate creation. The little scroll that God was holding in His hands when Adam was being relinquished of Living Soul by the enemy had seven seals. Only Jesus Christ, the mighty Lion and King from the tribe of Judah has the seven hidden spirits -keys to opening the scroll –Rev 5: 1. Now what does that make you, -who is heir to the Kingdom? For Adam, the breath that God had breathed in him embodying all the seven spirits that would have enabled man to see the godly things, escaped when he relaxed on his watch. The reason we don’t see Adam dead in body is because he was dead in spirit. He now goes through ‘hell on earth’ just like everybody else, everything he touches withers away. Adam now, is not so special Adam anymore. You don’t want to be one.

    In short Adam’s performance was mediocre. No one knows best than God that mediocrity is what makes the difference between a good shepherd and a dead ministry. Because nothing God makes is mediocre. He sets the benchmark. He expects no less from you. God was so much disappointed with human beings and that is why these days (Deut 8: 2-3), God will not want man to wake up out of slumber just like that and begin ministering for Him. He will put you through a strenuous ‘school of The Word’, humble you with bruising fire and brimstone, and test you with pangs of hunger and pain to know what is in your heart; whether you will keep His commandments. Or not.

    Day VII
    Gen 2: 1-3
    The day God rests; it’s the Day for PRAISING GOD OF ARMIES and ENJOYING all you and Him have created.

    God completed a whole week of creation, He looked left and right, north and south and was very pleased with all that He had created that it was all good. He deserved a rest, just to sit back and relax.

    Rom 14: 17 says “For the kingdom of God is not food and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” So if at all you have done what God directed you to do being the work of your hands in ways that exult Him, praise Him and elevates His name to the highest realms possible, how come at the end of it all you feel you got a heavy heart when assessing your sublime creation, overwhelmed with a sense of un-accomplishment, as if all the sweat that drenched you in the process was all for naught, and you run to the Father on the seventh day wailing and complaining with a face so gnarled it would put Hanna the wife of Elkana to shame? With such levels of dissatisfaction, you are blocking your own blessings.

    The fact is that you deserve joy; you be rested just as God rested, and be pleased just as God was pleased. But the enemy stole from you that satisfaction derived from a job well done, and all you ended up seeing was an overextend; like you are so stretched thin and double-exhausted you question why you even keep doing it. The good Book of the Word of God says “8The end of a matter is better than its beginning…” in Ecc 7: 8(a), meaning at the end of the day and your weekly creation, you ought to be even more energetic, full of vim and pumped-up than at the beginning of it. Yet Ps 11: 3 rounds-off on a damaged foundation that ‘if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”


    Kwa Nini Kuwa Na Uumbaji Mpya?
    Mw 1&2

    Kwa majira na viwango vya Uungu tulivyofikia sasa hivi vya kuamuru vitu kwa kinywa chetu tu na vikatokea kwa uhalisia, nakiri kwa uhakika Mungu Amerejea. Majira ya Mwanzo ambapo Mungu aliongea na watu wake ana kwa ana na akasema angeshuka Yeye Mwenyewe (Lk 20: 16) kulitwaa tena shamba lake la mizabibu akawapa wengine (wanawe) wanaolistahili, ni sasa. Makusudi ya Mungu tangu mwanzo (majira na nyakati) kama yalivyoandikwa katika Mw 1&2, yalichafuliwa na ibilisi na kuibiwa na dunia pamoja na ulimwengu baada ya maanguko. Makusudi ya Mungu ilikuwa ni kila alichokiumba kiwe ni jema. Mwanzo, Mungu aliumba Nuru kwa kutamka. Kitabu cha Injili cha Yoh 1: 1-5 kinasema “1Hapo mwanzo kulikuwako Neno, naye Neno alikuwako kwa Mungu, naye Neno alikuwa Mungu…”–inaendelea kusema, “4Ndani yake ndimo ulimokuwa uzima, nao ule uzima ulikuwa nuru ya watu…” Maana yake ni kwamba ‘Kutamka’ au Neno alikuwa ni Nguvu ya Mungu. Neno alikuwa ni Yesu. Ukioanisha haya maandiko unapata kufahamu kwamba kwa kuwa Yesu ndiye Neno, Yesu alikuwa na Mungu pamoja wote wakiumba mbingu na dunia na vyote vilivyomo. Siyo jambo la ajabu hilo? Jaribu kuvuta picha, Yesu akiwa sambamba na Mungu Baba wakitamka “Hiki kiwepo, kile kiwepo…” na inakuwa! Uuumbaji wa ajabu sana uliokamilika na ambao hauwezi kurudiwa na yeyote wala kulinganishwa na mfano mwingine wowote! Tu kwa sababu hakuna mfano mwingine. Na tizama kwa makini, kila siku katika siku zote saba za uumbaji una mtiririko na mpangilio maalum wa kuumbwa kila kitu Mungu alichokiumba kwa siku yake na kusudi likiwa ni kuumbwa hicho kitu kwa siku hiyo hiyo na siyo siku nyingine yoyote aidha kabla au baada ya siku yake. Ni rahisi kung’amua kwa kutumia mfano wa Mtume Eliya, “hauwezi kuleta mabati na fenicha (ukavipanga ndani) kwenye eneo la ujenzi unapojenga nyumba na kuanza kuezeka paa kabla haujachimba msingi na kujenga ukuta ili nyumba lisimame; kuna hatua”. Naam, mara zote kuna hatua na mpangilio. Mara zote.

    Kupitia Nuru, Mungu alifuta ukiwa, utupu na kiza siku ya kwanza ya uumbaji. Akaendelea kufanya uumbaji wa siku sita, akamaliza siku ya saba. Kusudi lake la kuona kila kitu alichokiumba kuwa jema likatimia.

    Lakini hebu subiri; siyo kila kitu kiliendelea kuwa jema kama kilivyoonekana. Kumbuka tunaambiwa kwenye kitabu cha Eze 28: 13-19 na Uf 12: 7-9 kwamba majira za zama Lucifer alipotaka kuwekwa mahali pa juu ili atukuke awe kama Mungu, vita vikuu viliibuka mbinguni ambapo marehemu* shetani akiwa na malaika waasi waliomuunga mkono walishindwa vita vibaya sana na Michael mkuu wa malaika wa vita, akatupwa chini huku duniani. Haya yote yalitokea kabla ya uumbaji wa dunia. Kivipi?

    Tunaona Mwa 1: 1-2 “1Hapo mwanzo Mungu aliziumba mbingu na nchi. 2Nayo nchi ilikuwa ukiwa, tena utupu, na giza lilikuwa juu ya vilindi vya uso wa maji…” (…ibilisi alikuwepo tayari wakati Mungu anaumba); “Roho wa Mungu ikatulia juu ya uso wa maji.” (Roho Mtakatifu naye alikuwepo hata kabla ya Pentekoste na ikawa anaweza kutambua kwamba haambatani na giza wala ukiwa bali tu anapaswa kutulia juu ya uso wa maji ambaye ni Neno/Yesu).

    Sasa hebu fikiria hiyo aibu ya kushindwa vita marehemu shetani, kupondwapondwa tikitiki hadi kutupwa kutoka katika himaya yake au nyumba yake hadi uhamishoni kwenye mazingira ambayo hakuizoea. Marehemu shetani ikawa anategea kusubiri mda wake alipize kwa uovu. Alivyoona tu Mungu amekamilisha uumbaji usiokuwa na waa wala mfano wa chochote kingine kile, akaanza kupanga mikakati yake michafu!

    Mlango alipouwacha wazi Adamu kidogo, marehemu shetani hakupoteza mda, alitumia mwanya huo uliojitokeza akaupata mlango na kumuingia Adam na Hawa, ikawa ndio basi tena! Kila kitu kikachafuliwa. Kukatokea maanguko makubwa, Adam na Hawa ikawa hawaweziruhusiwa na Mungu kuona tena kwa macho ya Uungu waliopewa tangu mwanzo kwa sababu walihiari kuchangamana na adui, ikabidi Mungu auzime Nuru, awanyang’anye thamani (yaani Uungu), akarudisha kiza. Shetani naye akawa amepata utatu wake alioukusudia; yaani kiza, utupu na ukiwa! Mara kadha utamsikia mtu akitamka “maisha yangu ni jehanamu duniani…” hayo majira ya anguko ndiyo majira ambayo ‘maisha kuwa jehanamu duniani’ yalipomwingia binadamu; binadamu alipohiari kumsikiliza na kuwa na mahusiano na marehemu shetani. Na hali hii hujirudiarudia pale mtu anapohiari na kuchagua kufanya kile ambacho anakijua dhahiri kuwa ni kinyume na mapenzi ya Mungu.

    Lakini hebu tusitoke nje ya mada yetu. Swali tunalojaribu kujibu ni “kwa nini Uumbaji Mpya?” …na kwa nini Sasa?
    Ili kuweza kupata majibu mwafaka ya hayo maswali, hebu tutizame kwanza ni nini hasa kilichoharibiwa na kuibiwa na marehemu shetani kwenye kila mojawapo za siku sita ambazo ndizo siku zote za maisha yetu sisi kushirikishwa kuumba na ambazo ndizo Mungu alifanya uumbaji, na katika siku ya saba Mungu alipomaliza kazi ya kuumba mbingu na nchi na jeshi lake lote, akapumzika, na ambayo ni siku yetu pia ya kupumzika na kustareheshwa maisha yetu yote.

    Siku ya I
    Mw 1: 1-5
    Hii ilikuwa ni siku ya KUONA.
    Tunajifunza pale Mungu aliposimama na kusema “Iwe Nuru” (Mw 1: 3), alitaka kiza, utupu na ukiwa uliokuwepo utoweke. Mw 1: 2(a) anasema “2nayo nchi ilikuwa ukiwa, tena utupu, na kiza lilikuwa juu ya uso wa vilindi vya maji…” vuta taswira ya utupu unaotisha, nchi isiyo na chochote kitambaacho wala kiotacho; hakuna maisha wala chochote kipumuacho; mawimbi makubwa yakitupwa-tupwa huku na kule na kibaya zaidi, juu ya yote kuna lindi kuu la kiza kinene ile haujawahi kuona! Halafu “…Roho ya Mungu ikatulia juu ya uso wa maji…” (Mw 1: 2[b]) Aha, sasa tunajifunza kitu hapa, Mungu alikuwa na upendo. Na Roho Mtakatifu naye alikuwepo wakati wa uumbaji… Alikuwepo Mungu Baba, Mwana (maji, ambayo kwayo juu yake R.M ikatulia), na Roho Mtakatifu, wote wakifanya kazi pamoja, kwa kushirikiana (kumbe ili kufanikisha kila jambo kuna umuhimu wa kufuata kanuni ya Mungu ya uumbaji ya kufanya kazi kwa kushirikiana na wana wa Mungu wengine eeh? Siyo kuwa mbinafsi na kujitakia sifa za peke yako).

    Mungu akasema ‘Iwe Nuru’, kama tulivyokwishaona kwenye Mw 1: 3. Alitaka Nuru iwepo na idumu katika majira yote hadi mwisho wa dahari. Lakini sasa hivi angalia mazingira yaliyowazunguka watu. Isipokuwa kwa wana wa Mungu tu, hakuna nuru tena baada ya maanguko; baada ya adui shetani kuiba nuru kwa binadamu na uumbaji wote.
    Yakupasa uelewe ni kwa nini ilibidi Yesu afe na afufuke tena; uelewe kuhusu Vizazi vyote Vinne (na maana halisi ya Vizazi Vinne kama vile Mungu alivyomaanisha na sio vile imekuwa ikichukuliwa na watu kwa uelewa wa kibinadamu) na nafasi ya kila kizazi katika uumbaji na ndani ya majira na nyakati zote; ni namna gani haya matukio yote yameunganishwa na hatua ya Mungu kulijaza dunia na Nuru yake kwa mara nyingine tena.

    Tutafahamu pia namna wana wa Mungu wana uwezo wa kuamrisha uumbaji ndani ya majira na nyakati na uumbaji ukatii. Kwa sababu baada ya ufufuo, sisi wana wa Mungu tunajidai kwa Mungu wetu kwa kuwa ameturejeshea tena Nuru na kushirikishwa umbaji kwenye kizazi chetu, kizazi cha IV.
    NURU (Mwa 1: 1-4) inakupa NAFSI HAI (Mwa 2: 7)

    Siku ya II:
    Mwa 1: 6-8.
    Siku ya pili, “6Mungu akasema, na liwe anga katikati ya maji, likayatenge maji na maji… 8…Mungu akaliita lile anga mbingu…”

    Hii ilikuwa ni siku ya KUONA FURSA.
    Fursa ya kuenda juu na kushika Neno kwani maji ni Neno la Mungu. Tunamwona Yesu pale kwenye kisima cha Yakobo mjini Sikari anamwambia mwanamke wa Kisamaria kwamba “14walakini yeyote atakayekunywa maji yale nitakayompa mimi hataona kiu milele, bali yale maji nitakayompa yatakuwa ndani yake chemchemi ya maji, yakibubujikia uzima wa milele” – Yn 4: 14.

    Kwa hiyo kilichoibiwa na adui hapa na ambacho Yesu alikusudia kukirejesha kilikuwa ni kuona fursa za vitakavyokuhakikishia kwamba hakuna vizuizi kwenye kila kazi utakayofanya na yale utakayoumba. Kwa kuwa binadamu alikuwa kipofu baada ya Nuru ya siku ya kwanza kuibiwa, hakuweza tena kuona nafasi zinazojitokeza na kuweza kumuinua kwa kwenda juu na kwa upana usio na kikomo huku kazi hizo zake zikimtukuza, kumuenzi na kumuinua Mungu kwa shukrani na utukufu katika kila ujuzi, karama na sanaa.
    Hapa ndipo ilipo hatma yako.
    KUONA (Ef 1: 18) inakupa BUSTANI YA EDENI (Mwa 2: 15)

    Siku ya III:
    Mw 1: 9-13
    Hii ilikuwa ni siku ya KUPANDA MBEGU na KUVUNA FAIDA.

    Mungu alitenga maji ya bahari na ya nchi kavu, akaumba miche na mimea aina yote, miti ya matunda kwa kusudi lake. Na ndani yake akaweka mbegu ili miti hiyo izae zaidi.
    Kusudi la Mungu, -kusudi ambalo lilikuja likaibiwa na adui ilikuwa ni kwamba mbegu hii iweze kuzaa zaidi na zaidi, kwa uzao na kwa faida. Maana yake ni kwamba kila ambacho ungepanda wewe, kiwe ni kwenye biashara, elimu, mifugo, wanyama wa kufuga na wa mwituni, mbegu za nafaka, misitu, viwanda, kilimo, uvuvi, uongozi; yote yaweze kuzaa kwa faida kubwa. Lakini hiyo haikuja kutokea hivyo.

    Baada ya adui kuiba Nuru ya macho ya Rohoni, kila ambacho binadamu aliona ilikuwa ni viunzi na vizuizi kila sehemu na wala sio fursa! Utajiri, faida, mitaji ya kukua na kuvuna sana ulimezwa na upofu. ‘Kila ambacho watu sasa wakawa wanaona kotekote kwa herufi zote 21 ikawa ni -OPPORTUNITIES ARE NO WHERE’. Adui akaingiza masharti yake kwamba ukitaka kupata hayo yote mambo mazuri hapo juu ambayo Mungu alikusudia tokea mwanzo yawe ya kwako kumiliki na kutawala wewe uliyeokoka (Mw 1: 26 –kumbuka aliyepewa kumiliki na kutawala ni Nafsi Hai, sio mtu), ni lazima utambike, uuwe, uloge, uende kwa wanajimu, utabiriwe kwa karata na kusomwa viganja, uchanjwe chale, utembee juu ya kaa la moto, uzini na ndugu yako, uabudu wanyama, ujiunge na makundi ya ajabu kama ‘scientology’ au ya waabudu shetani, ‘free-masons’ na kadhalika. Lakini tunamshukuru Mungu kuwa kila kitu kimerejea kama Mwanzo ndani ya kibanda cha IV na Mungu wetu yuko juu ya wote na miungu yao katika Jina la Yesu!
    BUSARA/FAIDA/THAMANI (Mit 3) inakupa CHAKULA (Yn 6)

    Siku ya IV:
    Mw 1: 14-19
    Hii ilikuwa ni siku ya UTAMBUZI wa majira ya utendaji.

    Kuweza kutofautisha majira na nyakati, Mungu aliumba mianga mikuu miwili, yaani jua na mwezi; “14…Na iwe mianga katika anga la mbingu na itenge kati ya mchana na usiku; nayo iwe ndiyo dalili na majira na siku na miaka;…”
    Na Mungu alikuwa hasemi “…ikawa saa sita na dakika moja usiku au ikawa saa tano na dakika hamsini na tisa na sekunde hamsini na tisa usiku, siku moja”. A-ah! Anasema kila akimaliza kuumba majira yale aliyotumia, “…ikawa jioni, ikawa asubuhi, siku ya…” Oh, sasa unaelewa eeh? Sasa haya majira yanayofanana na majira ya kufanya mambo machafu ya kuanza kuhesabu mwanzo wa siku usiku wa manane yalianzia wapi? Huwa wajiuliza na kutafakari hayo?

    Ili kuweza kupanga shughuli zetu zinazomtukuza Mungu, tungehitaji kufanya hizi kazi kwa kuishi katika mwanga, au nuru! Unapokaa katika Nuru, wewe ndio sasa unakuwa ‘Nuru Mwenyewe!’ -unakuwa ni taa kwa ulimwengu. Na ili kupata baraka na kuongozana na baraka ya siku hiyo, anza siku yako kwa kukaa katika malango ya majira mazuri ya kuanza siku vizuri, yaani kaa katika mwanga/Nuru. Bila nuru, tunaweza kufanya chochote kikafanyika tukafanikiwa? Jibu ni kwamba hatuwezi.

    Lakini kuna zaidi. Nuru hii ingekusaidi kuelewa mzunguko mzima wa majira unamoishi na kuendeleza kazi zako kwa kuwajibika na kutekeleza kusudi la Mungu kwako ndani ya maisha yako kwa kipindi ambacho umepewa. Kwa kutumia nuru hii ungeweza kutambua dalili za maumbile au uumbaji na kuweka kumbukumbu za siku na miaka, na kupanga hizo shunguli zako zioane sambamba na vipindi na majira fulani ya uumbaji ili huo mtiririko-sare uweze kuleta uumbaji uliokamilika wa kazi zako, uweze kumpendeza Mungu sawasawa na kusudi lake yeye mwenyewe kwamba kila alichokiumba kimpendeze! Uumbaji si wa ajabu bwana!

    Lakini ni nini kilitokea mbele ya safari? Kwa sababu kwa kadiri unavyofahamu, kila ‘ulichokiumba’ ukiwa mtu au kuona kikiumbwa kwa ajili ya kazi zako aidha haikufanikiwa au ilikuwa ni kazi ya manyasi (I Kor 3: 10-15) ambayo ikipitishwa kwenye gombo la chuo la moto iliteketea kabisa. Maana yake ni kuwa adui alichokiiba ni wewe kutoweza kuona na kutambua uwiiano huu wa majira na matukio. Kwa mfano, unaweza kukuta mtu ikifika mda fulani umepanga kitu au safari ambayo matokeo yake yangekuwa ya faida kwako, basi kutatokea kisirani au ya ugonjwa au hali ya namna yoyote ya kupelekea kukwamishwa kwa zoezi hilo zima lisitokee au lisitimie. Mikakati miovu ya adui ndivyo ilivyofanya kazi. Inakubidi mwana wa Mungu ujikinge, na kila ajitokezapo umlenge na umpige adui umuangamize kabisa kwa jina la Yesu!

    Mfano mzuri wa namna adui na maajenti wake waliweza kupindisha majira na kusudi la uumbaji wa siku ya IV, siku ya majira na nyakati (Zab 19: 1-6) ni namna Wamisri, Wagiriki, Wayunani na makabila mengi ya mataifa ya mbali walitenga siku ya Mungu ili kuiabudu jua, mwezi, nyota, milima; na kila siku na majira ikawa na mungu wake!

    Rum 12: 1-2 inaashiria kwamba ili kutompa adui nafasi ya kujibadili sura akajipenyeza miongoni mwa wana wa Mungu, Mungu anataka wana wake wafuatishe njia zake tu na sio njia za dunia, na Mungu hakutaka kila mtu ajue siri ya Majira na Nyakati ila kwa wachache wateule ambao ni wana wa Mungu waliokamilika ili waweze kutambua vya uungu, wamiliki na waitawale uumbaji wote –ili adui asiweze kuiba hiyo siri sawa-sawa na –I Kor 2: 6-10.
    Kilichokuwa kimeibiwa ni siku ya IV:
    Majira na Nyakati za Kanisa
    Unabii wa Kanisa
    Kutembea na wingu la Mungu

    MAJIRA NA NYAKATI (Mwa 1: 14; Mh 3) inakupa MADHABAHU YA KWELI (Rum 8: 4)

    Siku ya V:
    Mw 1: 20-23
    Siku ya kuumba VIKUBWA, VIPANA na VINGI
    “20Mungu akasema, Maji na yajawe kwa wingi na kitu kiendacho chenye uhai, na ndege waruke juu ya nchi katika anga la mbingu. 21Mungu akaumba nyangumi wakubwa, na kila kiumbe chenye uhai kiendacho, ambavyo maji yalijawa navyo kwa wingi kwa jinsi zao…”
    Hii ilikuwa ni siku ya vikubwa. Mungu aliamua kujiachia! Aliumba vitu vikubwa, vitu vipana, uumbaji ambao hauwezienea ndani ya mizani yoyote ya kibinadamu; papa na popo -viumbe vya kutisha ajabu; vingine vyenye uzuri usio kifani, -mtizame kipepeo, kisha mkabili nyangumi; mgeukie samaki-milia, halafu mshangae tai– haiba yenye upekee kwa kila kiumbe! Kwa uweza wake mkuu ambao haujawa na mfano na hautakuwa na mfano kamwe, Mungu aliumba hivyo vyote siku ya tano.

    Lakini adui kama kawaida yake alitaka kuhakikisha anaiba utukufu kwa Mungu, akaingiza uwongo na kuiba kwetu akili ya Kiungu ya kuweza kuumba vikubwa, vidumuvyo, kwa wingi, na akaiba pia nafsi ya kushirikishwa kwenye uumbaji, ya kuona fursa, kutambua majira na kumtukuza Mungu kwa kuumba vingi na vikubwa katika majira yale ambayo tunapaswa kuumba hayo yaliyokusudiwa na Mungu na yawe ndiyo yenyewe sahihi. – Mw 2: 19.
    KUZAA NA KUONGEZEKA (Mwa 1: 22) inakupa NAFASI YA NENO (Yos 1: 8)

    Siku ya VI:
    Mw 1: 24-31

    Mtu aliumbwa. Siku ya KUTAWALA NA KUMILIKI, UPEKEE.
    Siku hii, Mungu alisema “nchi izae kiumbe hai kwa jinsi yake, mnyama wa kufugwa, nacho kitambaacho, na wanyama wa mwitu kwa jinsi zake; ikawa hivyo.” Mw 1: 26 –“26Mungu akasema, Na tumfanye mtu kwa mfano wetu, kwa sura yetu: wakawatawale…” kusudi la Mungu kumuumba binadamu kwa sura yake, yaani tabia zake na sifa zake ilikuwa ni tuwatawale viumbe vingine vyote alivyoviumba kwa namna ambayo italitukuza Jina lake yeye Mungu.“27Mungu akaumba mtu kwa mfano wake, kwa mfano wa Mungu alimuumba, mwanamume na mwanamke aliwaumba”. Mw 2: 7 “Bwana Mungu akamfanya mtu kwa mavumbi ya ardhi, akampulizia puani pumzi ya uhai; mtu akawa nafsi hai”. Kwa hiyo mtu ambaye ni mavumbi aliumbwa kwa mfano wa Mungu kwa kupuliziwa pumzi ambalo ni nafsi ya Mungu. Nafsi Hai ndilo lilimuwezesha Adam kumiliki na kutawala kila kilichowekwa chini ya himaya yake kwa sababu alikuwa punde kidogo awe Mungu -Zab 8: 5. Nafsi Hai ndilo linaniwezesha na kukuwezesha wewe kuamrisha, kutiisha, kumiliki na kutawala uumbaji wote. Mungu anachokuambia hapa ni kwamba alikuumba kwa sifa hizo hizo alizo nazo yeye. Kabla ya anguko kuu, ulikuwa na kila alivyonavyo Mungu, ingawa punde kidogo. Tunamwona Mfalme Daudi akitafakari; (Zab 8: 4-6 “4Mtu ni kitu gani hata umkumbuke, na binadamu hata umwangalie? 5Umemfanya mdogo punde kuliko Mungu; Umemvika taji ya utukufu na heshima;6Umemtawaza juu ya kazi za mikono yako; Umevitia vitu vyote chini ya miguu yake…” -mtu mwenye nafsi hai ulikuwa na uwezo Wake mkuu, uwepo Wake mkuu, na hekima Yake kuu; haukuwa na doa. Hadi pale Adamu alipoacha mlango wazi.

    Unajifunza nini kutokana na ukiwa huu? Ni kwamba kilichoibiwa ni uwezo wako wa kumiliki na kuitawala uumbaji wote. Kitabu Mungu alichokishika wakati Adamu anaibiwa mkoba na marehemu shetani kilikuwa na mihuri saba – Uf 5: 1. Ni kitabu ambacho kinawezesha kukaa kwenye kiti cha enzi ili kumiliki na kutawala uumbaji wote na ambao funguo zake angeweza kupewa na ukafunguliwa tu na yule ambaye anazo Roho saba za Mungu zilizotumwa katika nchi yote na ulimwengu pia. Ni Yesu Kristo pekee, simba na Mfalme Mkuu kutoka katika kabila la Yuda ndiye anazo roho zote saba za Mungu -funguo za malango ya Kitabu – Uf 5: 12. Je hapo sasa nafasi yako inakuwa wapi, wewe uliye mrithi wa Ufalme? Lile pumzi la Mungu alilokupulizia kwenye uumbaji ambayo ndiyo ina sifa zote za uungu na macho Saba ya Rohoni ya kuweza kuona kama Mungu, ilitoweka baada ya anguko. Alichoibiwa Adamu kikafa ni nafsi hai na ndio maana hauoni akiwa amekufa mwilini pale pale, bali alifungua malango ya kufa kwa vitu vyote ambavyo yeye na wewe mngeumba, na akapitia ‘jehanamu duniani’ kama mwengine yeyote yule aliyefuatia. Hakuwa tena wa kipekee. Haungetamani kuwa yeye.
    Kwa kifupi utendaji wa Adamu ulikuwa wa kilegevu. Mungu mwenyewe anajua vizuri sana kwamba ulegevu ndio unaleta tofauti kati ya mtumishi bora na huduma iliyokufa. Na ndio maana unaona hakuna chochote Mungu alichokiumba kimekaa kilegevu-legevu. Yeye ndiye anayeweka viwango vya utimilifu. Hatarajii pungufu ya hivyo viwango kutoka kwako. Mungu alisikitika sana na utendaji wa binadamu na ndio maana siku hizi (Kum 8: 2-3) Mungu hakupi huduma hivi-hivi ya kumtumikia, lazima ampitishe mtumishi aliyemchagua kwenye ‘gombo la chuo’ ngangari la moto na kaa ya mawe.
    UUMBAJI (Mwa 1 & 2) inakupa UPENDO WA AGAPE (Yn 3: 16)

    Siku ya VII
    Mw 2: 1-3
    Hii ndiyo siku Mungu alipopumzika. Siku ya KUSTAREHESHWA.

    Mungu alimaliza kazi ya wiki nzima ya uumbaji, akatizama kushoto na kulia, kaskazini na kusini, akafurahi sana kwa kuona kila kitu alichokiumba kilikuwa ni jema. Alistahili kupumzika. Akae tu, kutulia na kufurahia kazi zake.
    Rum 14: 17 yasema ufalme wa Mungu ni haki, imani na furaha katika Roho Mtakatifu. Kwa hivyo ikiwa umetekeleza na kufanya yale yote ambayo Mungu amekuagiza ufanye kwa kazi ya mikono yako ili kumtukuza, kumsifu na kumuinua mahali pa juu zaidi, ni kwa nini basi moyo wako uiname kwa mateso unapohitimisha uumbaji wa kazi za mikono yako mwisho wa siku za kuumba, uhisi kupungukiwa, kutofarijika na kama vile jasho lote umetoa kujenga haikuwa na maana yoyote, ukimbie kwa Mungu siku ya saba ukilia, kulalamika huku moyo umekunjamana zaidi ya moyo wa Hana mkewe Elkana?! Kwa viwango hivyo vya kutoridhika, unafunga baraka zako!

    Ni kwamba unastahili kupumzika, ukafurahi kama vile Mungu alivyopumzika, akafurahi. Lakini adui alikuibia na alichokuibia ni kustareheshwa pande zote, wewe ukawa unachoona ni dhiki tu. Zab 11: 3 inazungumzia msingi kuharibika kuwa kama ule msingi wa tangu mwanzoni ukiwa umeshaharibika na kuibiwa na adui, hata uwe na haki ya kustahili, utafanya nini?
    MATUNDA (Gal 5: 22,23; Mt 12: 23) inakupa HESHIMA (Uf 5: 12; Kut 7)

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