A Baby Boy Raised from the Dead

Dan Wooding (April 26, 2012)
“I felt God speaking to me saying: ‘He has the right to live’. So, immediately, I put my hand over him, and started to pray…” (Montevideo, Uruguay)—Dr. Marta Martínez is a respected doctor from Montevideo, Uruguay, who believes that God still heals the sick today. And she should know, for in an interview, Dr. Martinez told me about an extraordinary miracle that she witnessed and was personally involved with.

“I experienced this miracle some years ago, while I was working in a hospital in one small city, far from the capital city,” she said. “It concerned a baby who was about one month old and his mother was an adolescent and very poor. “The baby boy had come to the hospital in a very bad condition, with malnutrition, dehydration and septicemia. There appeared to be nothing we could to do for him. Finally he died. While I was present, watching him at the moment of the death, I thought: ‘It is better for him to die, because in his environment, with his kind of family, he would have not any chance of success, the rest of his life would be a ‘Calvary’, with a lack of hope and no opportunities’.

“At that moment, I felt God speaking to me saying: ‘He has the right to live’. So, immediately, I put my hand over him, and started to pray and thank God he was ‘resurrected’—he came back to life! It was an amazing miracle.” Dr. Martinez went on to say that the baby was then sent to “a better hospital” in Montevideo called “Filtro” for further treatment.

“After some months, I went to the ‘Filtro’ hospital just to visit a patient and while I was there, I asked one of the nurses about this baby that I had prayed for. She told me that ‘he’s here right now and he’s five months old.’ She added: ‘He is fine now, but we have him still here just so he can gain more weight. Would you like to see him?’

“When I saw him, I was astonished to see that, by now, he was a very big and healthy baby. God allowed me to see the complete miracle. “I have also seen other healings and I believe in divine healing because, first of all, it is written in the Bible, and secondly I have seen others healed in a miraculous way and have also experienced it in my own body.” Dr. Martinez is now hoping to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the 9th Annual World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) conference to be held at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, from May 25-26, 2012.

WCDN is an interdenominational organization composed of Christian medical professionals from around the world who believe in divine healing and meet under the title of “Spirituality and Medicine.” I concluded my interview with her, by asking why she thought other doctors should believe in the power of prayer to heal the sick, and she replied, “Not just Christian doctors, but all Christians should believe in divine healing because it is written in the Bible and also, it was a very important part of Jesus’ ministry on this earth, and also because the Holy Spirit dwells in us (Luke 4:18-20).”

–Christian Breaking News


4 thoughts on “A Baby Boy Raised from the Dead

  1. Wakristo wengi tumedanyika kwa injili zenye kuwainua waliobarikiwa kwa vipawa, kiasi kwamba tumegeuzwa kuwa ni watu wasioliamini Neno la Mungu kikamilifu. Mafundisho tuliyoyapokea yametuwekea mipaka, na matokeo yake tunayakosa mambo mengi sana ambayo tunastahili, hata uponyaji. Tumefundishwa kuwaangalia ‘manabii’ na ‘mitume’ na ‘wachungaji’ kama watu wasioamini!

    Wakati mwingine tumeupeleka mbele sana ujuzi tuliousomea hata tukajidhanisha kuwa Mungu huwa hausiki katika mafanikio yetu ya kisayansi. Lakini dunia yote na vyote vilivyomo na mali yake! Nao ujuzi tuliousomea na maendeleo yote kwa kadiri yalivyo, vyote vyatokana na ule Mti wa Ujuzi wa Mema na Mabaya.

    Ushuhuda wa daktari huyu, ni kielelezo tosha juu ya watu ambao wanamjua Mungu wao! Dan 11:32 “… lakini watu wamjuao Mungu wao watakuwa hodari, na kutenda mambo makuu.” Nimewaona madaktari wengi sana wakristo na wasio wakristo, wanapokuwa wametingwa katika shughuli zao, ujuzi wao wa kisayansi unapokoma, nao hukomea hapo. Lakini iwapo tutaendelea kukaa katika Tumaini lake, basi mambo makuu yapo mbele yetu!

    Ndugu zangu, msilikatie tamaa Neno la Mungu, jibidiisheni katika hilo mlichukue mioyoni mwenu, ili lipate kuwahifadhi katika saa yenu ya majaribu!


  2. Let GOD use you the way and the manner he has planned to use you so that to save the sole of the people of this sinful and problematic globe.BE BLESS ALL CONCERN IN THAT SERVICE AND KEEP IT UP.

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