Rest in the assurance that if you’re in Christ, You can never lose your salvation!

“I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.”

John 10:28

Perhaps one of the most well-known stories in the Bible is that of Noah and the ark he built. God told Noah that He was going to send judgment upon the earth in the form of a flood. But because Noah and his family were righteous, God told Noah He would save them and gave him plans to build a boat.

So on the day that the flood was to come, God said to Noah, “…come into the ark” (Genesis 6:18). And that tells us, of course, that God was inside that ark. The only way Noah and his family were going down was if God went down. And God wasn’t going down!

I’m so glad God didn’t say, “Noah, I’ll put a few pegs on the outside of that boat for you. And if you hang on faithfully until the end, you’ll be secure through the storm.” No, He said, “Come into this ark.” And Noah may have fallen down many times in the ark, but he never fell out of the ark!

Now Peter tells us that Jesus is our ark of safety (1 Peter 3:20). And if we are in that ark—in Christ—we can never fall out. So if you’re in Christ, rest assured that though you may stumble, you can never fall out of His grace, and you have eternal life forever!



2 thoughts on “Rest in the assurance that if you’re in Christ, You can never lose your salvation!

  1. When the rain ceased, Noah and his family remained on the ark for a year. The ark landed about 150 days after the rain stopped but they still didn’t leave it until the dove he sent out didn’t return and God told them it was safe to leave. (Genesis 8:1-15) Noah faithfully waited for God to tell him what to do. The land had to dry considerably before it would have been habitable. Imagine coming to the end of a long trip and not being able to get out of the car for ten months longer. Shem, Ham and Japeth, Noah’s sons, may have been whining, “Are we there yet?” But Noah waited for God’s perfect timing.

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