Highway Exit!

The Hebrew word translated repent is nacham, which means to turn around, or change one’s mind. On the highway of sin, there is only one destination. Repentance takes us in the opposite direction, to the road that leads to life.

Mike Waters


2 thoughts on “Highway Exit!

  1. For sure, @ Lwembe CK

    “…….so he that pursueth evil pursueth it to his own death.” (prov.11:19)

  2. Yes, the Highway of Sin is ‘UNBELIEF’; which literaly is, NOT taking God at His word!
    And when wound-up in it, well, you’d be cruising at 240, looking thru your driving mirror as you drive into wreckage!
    The call is: REPENT or PERISH!!!

    May The Lord help us to look ahead!

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