Kondoa Muslim Protest: “Compassion International Get Out of Kondoa Islamic Territory”


Radical Muslims at Pahi, Kondoa District, Dodoma region in Tanzania, have started protesting the projects run by the Compassion International which aimed at promoting the livelihood of the Rangi people.

The project include providing human needs including schooling materials and health services for the Rangi children whose parents live in an abject poverty. Kondoa is a 95% Muslim dominated area.

Sheikh Mohammed Issa, one of the prominent fundamentalist Muslim leaders, went there in November 24,2012 to attend the graduation of the Iqra English Medium School run by Pahi Islamic Centre and noticed that the services provided by the Compassion International have had positive impact in  improving the livelihood of  many Muslims. This made him furious and vow to deal with the organization.

The weekly Muslim fundamentalists’ newspaper “AN-NUUR”  No.1047 of Nov 30-Dec 6,2012 has reported about the hatred of fundamentalist Muslims  against any Un-Islamic organization, as they call this is a catastrophe to the Islamic movements.

Fundamentalist Muslims in recent days, have destroyed the Christians churches and torching many other to protect what they call to eradicate Christianity hegemony in the land. Tanzania is a secular state constitutionally.

–Daniel Mwankemwa–


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