In reality, a good marriage is that of two people (a man and a woman) who seriously understand that they were united together not just for marriage and pleasures BUT ALSO to be responsible to help one another Spiritually, and train their Children in the ways of God. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU BOTH MAKE EFFORT TO HELP ONE ANOTHER MAKE IT TO HEAVEN – AND YOU MUST BE HUMBLE ENOUGH TO HELP ONE ANOTHER AS YOU ACCEPT CORRECTION. I wonder, If couples can’t help each other Spiritually, how are they gonna train up their Children in the ways of God? The Bible says “whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap”.

If we don’t sow God’s Word and Prayers into our Children, and train them to pray and FAST, we will be so surprised of what they are going to face in their lives, marriage, decisions, as well as in their Spiritual life when they become adults – some of them will deny the Faith, quit going to Church, sleep with everybody on the East Side, Curse anybody that irritates them, fail to pray for their marriage and their children (our Grand Children) because of lack of Spiritual Foundation and Stability. We are praying for you PARENTS (including us) that as we push our Children to get “A”s in School, we also SHOULD push them to get “A”s in their Spiritual walk with God, teaching them to FEAR GOD, . . . . It will not bless God that we do everything to help our Children get “A”s but care less about them being Spiritually Zero – We are answerable for that !



2 thoughts on “A GOOD MARRIAGE !

  1. Pastor and mama Pastor thank you very much for reminding us to take responsibility on our children.

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