Many times, the attitudes of our heart can keep us from hearing what God is saying. One of the implications of the fact that He is God is that our posture towards Him should be of humility and obedience. We often think we need to understand something first in order to believe it. With God’s word, He wants us to believe in Him so He can help us understand it. The terms of engagement begin with surrender. And yet if we are too set in our ways, if change feels too costly, if we’re determined to retain control, then we’ll find every reason to argue and convince ourselves out of what He says to us. We’ll allow the devil to deceive us. At that point, no evidence – words or miracle – will convince us that what we are resisting is the truth.

In John 8:12-47, those opposed to Jesus could not grasp what He taught. Even though the truth Jesus taught them could set them free, they resisted it. They were slaves to sin and yet they rejected the only One who could set them free from its power.

Lord, please help me not to harden my heart to you. May Your Spirit help me understand what You are saying at every point of the day, and may I be willing to submit to it and follow You. And as I do so, may you set me free from the power of sin and its temptations. AMEN

–Pastor M


Andika maoni yako

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