Benny Hinn: The Anointing Is Still in Operation

Benny Hinn

Healing evangelist Benny Hinn is back with a passion. After restoring his marriage, Hinn is once again traveling the world—this time with his wife, Suzanne—and holding crusades where miracles are manifesting.

Charisma News caught up with Hinn to get the latest report from the field.

Charisma: I hear God is restoring your ministry.

Hinn: The ministry is coming back. The anointing is still in operation. People are seeing that.

Number two, they are coming because of the deep hurt, deep pain, deep need. Sickness is still there. And thirdly, I think they come because they say, “OK, the Lord has done something for him. We’re happy for him and Suzanne.” They want to support this, and they show up. So, it’s been very exciting. I don’t know what the future holds, but we’re all excited about it, and I’m happy to see the Lord do it. This is real. Sue and I have never been happier.

Charisma: You’ve been ministering in packed-out auditoriums around the world these days. What’s going on there?

Hinn: Well, since my remarriage I have seen an upsurge. The crowds have come back in most places, especially in the Far East. I was in Manado, Indonesia, in July. We had 200,000 people show up for the crusade. I have not seen crowds like that in three years. It was stunning. We were only expecting 80,000. They told my team it was the largest crowd they have had—ever—in that part of Indonesia. I was in Madrid last week; the stadium was jammed. People were just ecstatic.

There just seems to be a lot of excitement out there about my reunion to Suzanne. It’s just a very, very exciting time in our lives. Sue and I are doing incredibly, marvelously glorious. Really, I’ve not had such contentment in my life. It’s like this is our time of peace and recovery. I think sometimes when somebody is healed, it heals everything else around them.

Charisma: Tell us about the miracles in London.

Hinn: I was in London at Westminster and rented the Westminster Hall across from Parliament. It was jammed out. It was magnificent. While I was in London, three miracles stood out which were just so amazing. One girl—I’ll be showing it on TV in two weeks—was flown in from Pakistan with three holes in her heart and crippled. God healed her. Two friends in their ’60s who were born deaf were both healed. And it just stunned the crowd. It actually stunned me more than anyone else, I think. My son is now working with me. During the divorce, I saw him become so angry and bitter. And there he was last week, standing, crying and worshipping God on the platform as he saw the miracles and was helping his daddy. It’s a precious thing to see your family healed also when God heals you.

Charisma: What’s next for Benny Hinn?

Hinn: Doors are swinging open. I’m going to China, by the way, if you can believe it. I’ve been invited to preach in two cities, Shanghai and Guangzhou, in January. India has opened up big. I’m going to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December, and they’re expecting massive crowds. And Africa. Dear God! The invitations I’m getting now for Africa can keep me there probably the whole year. So it’s like a resurrection, a resurgence. I’m beginning to do some big meetings again in the U.S. I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to the stadiums because it’s very, very expensive. But I am doing convention halls and centers. In fact, I’m coming to Orlando to the convention center early next year.



4 thoughts on “Benny Hinn: The Anointing Is Still in Operation

  1. Tunamshukuru Mungu kuwaweka pamoja Benny na Suzy, kwa kweli imerudisha ushuhuda wa kanisa. Tujifunze wenye ndoa kutotumikia injili na kusahau wapendwa wetu. Ni funzo kubwa sana na Mungu atamtumia kurejesha wengine walioko ktk hali ya kutoelewana ktka ndoa. Mungu awe nanyi!!!

  2. Praise God,with God all things are posible for Jesus is our restorer b4 God and men jesus loves u benny so much more that He Had to proove it asGOD

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