TEHILLAH FRIDAY – Dar es Salaam: 

We’re pleased to announce the re-launch of our beloved Tehillah Friday services in Dar after a much needed break. This is the second chapter. We thank the Lord for the break, and for the next level and setup that He’s given us. In the First Chapter the pastors and leaders worked so hard and prayerfully and it was wonderful! So many people found their “spiritual feet” and connected with the spirit of worship at Tehillah. We celebrate that and we are pressing forward and deeper into growth, agape and wisdom.

We will be starting our services on Friday the 23rd of MAY at the same location, MBEZI BEACH PARK at Tanki Bovu at 07:30PM

As usual, Tehillah will continue to be an all-age interdenominational service. The core function of Tehillah is to celebrate God as we grow together in WORD and WORSHIP. We intend to focus on the linkage between knowledge of the Word and practicality in life… and to have fun while learning, growing and worshiping the Father together. — at Mbezi Beach Park.

By Daniel J. Musokwa



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