This is What Happens When We Worship the Lord


by Pastor Tim Burt

One morning while I was praying and worshiping the Lord, the Lord spoke to me. It was very clear and what He said was a fresh word to my heart. By that I mean that I had never had the thought He was communicating to me. As I was worshiping Him He spoke to my heart and said, Tim, worship isn’t for my benefit. When the Lord speaks to me He usually doesn’t say a lot. He’ll make a statement and then as I think and pray about what He has said, His words—the thoughts He wants me to understand, just seem to follow. Sometimes scriptures or stories from the Word will instantly come to mind and I know the Lord is teaching me and revealing more of Himself to me.

As I began to think about what the Lord said, I heard more. I heard Him say, I am not ego deprived.That was all I heard. I just began to meditate further and think about what the Lord had spoken. Suddenly, it was as if the lights came on.

I am a worshiper of God and always have been since I gave my life to Jesus. I was so thankful for Him saving me that I always wanted to find ways to express my thanks and love to Him. Besides that, the Word of God instructs us to worship the Lord. The Lord alone is worthy of and deserves our worship and I’ve never questioned it. Yet now I could see worship in a new light. The Lord said, Tim, worship isn’t for my benefit.The Lord was showing me that worshiping Him was for my benefit, not His. It was so easy to see. And so true!

Sometimes life seems like more than a plateful. As a man, a husband, a father, a Pastor, a son, a brother, a friend, and a Christian, it can sometimes seem like there are so many responsibilities—so many things I should do and do well. I want to be good at every one of these things. I want to be diligent and do what’s right and show the proper respect and love and friendship while being responsible to each of these areas of my life. Because I do, it brings me to this simple truth; outside of God, I can’t do it. Jesus warned us of that in John 15:5 (NIV).  “He said, ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.’”

It’s only when I’ve ever thought I could do all this and attempted to do it in my own strength that I’ve fallen flat on my face feeling overwhelmed or like a failure. God never created us to live outside His grace, strength, and help. The grace of God is His supernatural help given to us to do all the things He has given us to do well. He knew we’d feel overwhelmed without Him. He wanted us to lean on and count on Him—on His grace. When we learn to really focus on the greatness of our God and upon the covenant of blessing He established with us and for our benefit, when we meditate on His love that surpasses human understanding that He has for us, when we truly believe He desires and is willing to help us, then and only then will we lean on Him, ask, and have faith in His grace to help us. We would gain the strength to look anything in the eye and know He’d help us handle it. When we did, then we’d feel like the writer of Psalm 46:1-3 (NIV) who wrote,  “God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.”

You have to admit, if you were anywhere near mountains falling or caught in roaring seas, you’d be shaking in our boots. These are the kinds of things that cause instant panic. But the revelation being shared in these verses is that when God is worshiped and magnified for who He is and His love toward us, His presence grows within us. A revelation of His love grows within us. He becomes almighty God and our problems and feelings of being overwhelmed shrink in the light of His faithfulness, His promise and His love. Then we are strengthened to take on the day and the challenges before us a step at a time knowing His grace is there to help us!

That is why the Lord said to me, Tim, worship isn’t for my benefit. Worshiping the Lord is for us—for our benefit. Psalm 95:6-7 9 (NIV) says, “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for He is our God and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care.”Psalm 34:3 (NIV) says, “Oh, magnify the LORD with me, And let us exalt His name together.”

God is not egotistical. He does not tell us to worship Him for Himself. He tells us to worship Him so that when we look at the magnificence of the Heavens or of the creation around us—reflecting that He created it all, then we will also reflect that this great and magnificent God loves us and has adopted us as His children through Jesus Christ. Worshipping God strengthens us. That is why it is for us! Worship elevates the Lord in our hearts to His rightful place. When we worship the awesomeness of God, He is magnified in our spirit and the cares, worries and lies of the devil shrink. When we worship the Lord our faith grows in our heart and the supernatural help of God flows into our lives. When we worship the Lord, He becomes Almighty God and we become His children. Praise His Holy Name!

Psalms 89:15 (NLT) “Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.” 

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

How God See us!!


Most of us look at ourselves in a mirror daily. We see what we see. You see yourself through your eyes and from perspective. Have you ever thought about how God sees you? Actually that thought scares too many people because they feel that in God’s eyes, they don’t measure up or they are in big trouble. They don’t want to think about how God sees them.

As a Christian, it’s important to learn not to look at yourself through your own eyes, but instead see yourself as God sees you. Do you know that this is the true key to supernatural change and what ignites the power to conquer your lame excuses for not obeying God in your life?

If you know the story of Moses, you know that the beginning years of his life were anything but normal. He was raised in the cross hairs of two cultures – Hebrew and Egyptian. They were two distinctly different religious and social cultures. It was easy for him to become confused over who he was in life and how he was supposed to walk his life out. He had to come to the place of discovery – deciding for himself what he believed and how he wanted to walk out his life.

At the time he finally mustered up the courage to choose the side of his Hebrew heritage and do something for God’s people, he failed in the worst way. He committed murder. Not on purpose. He was trying to protect a Hebrew slave from being beaten but through his efforts, he accidentally killed the Egyptian taskmaster. He panicked and fled giving up all his hopes and dreams for a great many years. That is until one day God called upon Moses to remind him of why He put him on this earth and to guide him toward his destiny. God asked Moses to step out in faith and do something for Him. Let’s read about it and as we do, begin to see the battle of excuses warring with the voice of God telling Moses who he was and who he could be with God working in and through him.

Exodus 3:9, “Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.”

We see Moses’ first excuse – those words that the devil teaches us all to parrot and build into our thinking – “Who do you think you are?”

Verse 11 – “But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

Moses struggled with his identity. He didn’t feel worthy or prepared and was sure there were others beside himself who were much more qualified. He was probably thinking – “God you’ve got to be kidding! I am absolutely incompetent to do this!” Moses was seeing himself through his own eyes and in his own ability rather than listening to God’s voice telling him that He would be with him to help him at every step. Moses, not unlike many of us, was afraid of failure. Most fears of failure in life are tied to the fear of the unknown, the scars of past failures, and of public opinion – What are others going to think? God answered Moses giving him a rod and the promise of signs and wonders to validate God was with him – the promise of a miraculous commissioning. Moses was still weak-kneed.

Look at God’s response. V12, “I will certainly be with you. And this shall be a sign to you that I have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve God on this mountain.” What could inspire more confidence in anyone than a commission and promise from God that He will back you and be with you!”

Then Moses offered his second excuse. Verse 13 – “Then Moses said to God, “Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel and say to them, “The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they say to me, “What is His name? What shall I say to them?” God told him what to say.

Then Moses had his third excuse. Exodus 4:1 – “Then Moses answered and said, But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, “The LORD has not appeared to you.”‘

God was so patient with Moses. He listened to his excuses and worked through each one with him. If you’re a dad and your child is telling you his excuses for being afraid to step out and try something,  are you as patient to help him? Are you as willing to help him? Part of who he becomes is connected to your support and encouragement – you being his helper, his friend, and his supporter.

God desired to use Moses in spite of his extensive flaws and contradictions. God addressed his excuses and objections with great detail, assurance and power. What did Moses do? Offer more excuses.

Number Four Excuse: “I’ve never been eloquent – I’m just not a good speaker.” God helped him through that.

Then Excuse Five: “I just can’t do it” – the one most people pull out of the bag before they walk away from God. Exodus 4:13 “But Moses again pleaded, “Lord, please! Send someone else.”

All of the great leaders in the Bible outside of Jesus Christ were flawed, fearful of doing what God asked them to do, and tempted to decline with excuses. It’s easier to make excuses about our inadequacies than it is to take on a challenge at God’s request. We’re plagued by self-doubt. We say we don’t have the right skills for the job, and like Moses we may worry that people, even our families, won’t buy into our leadership – after all, Jesus’ own brothers and sisters didn’t!

God discerned the traits of leadership in Moses regardless of all shortcomings.  God ended up bringing Moses brother Aaron in to help with the job assignment. That was God’s second best. Time and again He supported and reassured Moses by addressing his fears and objections and by promising to be with him giving him the tools he needed to succeed. God choose to cultivate and develop leadership in Moses which would eventually inspire the future leaders of Israel. He would become one who modeled the leadership of trusting God more than himself. This is where excuses are defeated  – when one knows who He is in God, not in himself. This is where men become godly men and women become godly women. This is where families become a powerful light. This is where churches become centers of influence changing cities, states, and nations.

When God is leading you to do even small things that you are afraid to do, remember Moses being paralyzed with fear and how God helped him and taught him the answer to the question, “Who am I?” God is no respecter of persons and is waiting to help answer that question for you! The fulfillment of your destiny begins with one step of obedience to God at a time.

2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt


MAANDIKO: YOSH. 5: 1 (YOSH. 2: 1 – 24)

Mojawapo ya ahadi toka kwa Mungu wetu tunayemtumikia, ni pamoja na kutuma utisho wake mbele yetu (utisho wa Mungu wetu) huwa unatangulia daima mbele na kumfadhaisha adui yetu sana. Kutoka 23: 27 – 30

- Kwa kweli Yesu Kristo ni tishio, kwa wakuu wa dini ni tishio kwa Wafalme ni tishio, kwa mapepo na wachawi ni tishio, kwa wasomi ni tishio, kwa matajiri ni tishio, kwa askari ni tishio, kwa magonjwa na wafu ni tishio, nasi tunatakiwa kulijua hili na kulikiri daima hata tunapoona wengine wakiogopa na kukata tamaa kutokana na vitisho vya adui. Hes. 14: 6 – 9.

– Mpaka leo duniani kote, kufufuka kwa Bwana Yesu ni tishio kwa imani nyingine zote ambazo waanzilishi wake na umaarufu wao hatimaye waliishia kaburini na hawakutoka kamwe hadi sasa ilibaki mifupa tu makaburini na nyama zao zikawa chakula cha mchwa!!.

– Askari waliopewa kulilinda kaburi la Yesu, saa anafufuka walikipata cha moto!! Soma waliyoyakuta. Math. 28: 1 – 4, 11 – 15.

– Habari hii ya kufufuka kwa Yesu imeenea dunia nzima na adui hata anapojaribu kuifunika kamwe hataweza, Yesu amefufuka na huu ndiyo ukweli, ndiye aliye na mamlaka juu ya kifo na siyo nabii au mtume mwingine yeyote, na kwa kweli huu ndiyo ushindi mkubwa sana wa Wakristo wa kweli.

Ukitaka kujua kuwa Kristo ni tishio; soma
(a) Marko 5: 1 – 15
(b) Yohana 11: 43 – 53 n.k. 2

Kama ilivyokuwa katika nyakati za Joshua, ambapo watu wa Yeriko mioyo yao ilikuwa imeyeyuka na hofu ya Mungu kuiangukia Nchi ile; ndivyo ilivyo dunia hii ya sasa tunayoishi, pamoja na dini nyingi kujikakamua lakini viongozi wao wanajua kuwa Yesu Kristo ndiye nabii pekee aliye tishio, ambaye kaburi halikuweza kumshika, na habari zake zinaposhuhudiwa mahala popote kwa usahihi, zina uwezo wa kuwaondoa watu wa aina yoyote katika utumwa wao!!.

Hakuna imani katika nabii yeyote leo hii hapa duniani iliyo na uwezo wa kumweka mtu huru zaidi ya imani ya Yesu Kristo.

- Kama Joshua, hakuna sababu ya Kanisa kuishi kwa hofu hata kama dunia hii ingefanya vituko vyake; bado tutaishi, tutakula, tutavaa, tutajenga, watoto wetu watasoma, watafanya kazi na biashara nzuri; Bwana amekwisha ondoa uvuli wanaojivunia.

– Tunatamba kwa sababu mwanzilishi wa imani yetu hayumo kaburini, amefufuka, yu hai milele na milele, anajipigania, anasema, anatembea, anaishi, anazo funguo zote za mauti na za kuzimu, Wana wa Sayuni hatuna sababu ya kujikunyata!!

– Hakuna roho ya nguvu tena kwa shetani dhidi yetu. Ona alivyo tishio huyu Mwanaume!! Luka 11: 37 – 41

Joshua alipata ushindi sana sababu ya ufahamu huu, adui zangu Mungu ametuma utisho kwao, na mioyo yao tayari imeyeyuka!!
Bwana tusaidie

REV. L.M. Mwizarubi

Finish What You’ve Started


Have you ever started a project and not finished it? Or put a dream on hold because other things got in the way? I think we’ve all experienced these frustrations at some point in our life. The truth is sometimes starting is the easy part. However, with God’s help we can finish whatever we start because the Bible says, “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26 NKJV).

I believe when we feel a passion to do something, God has more than likely put that desire in us. For example, I am passionate about teaching people the Word of God. I’m so passionate about it that I’ve given my life to it for the last 38 years and will continue to do so. That’s because God spoke to me and put that desire in my heart. If I had gone and done something else instead, I probably would have spent the rest of my life feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

That’s what happens when we are passionate about something and we don’t do something about it. But the good news is even when we’re tempted to think that it’s too late to start over, with God, it’s never too late. And God will give us what we need, especially in times of adversity.

It’s important to understand that when we step out to do the things God has planned for us, we need to be ready to stand our ground when opposition comes along. The apostle Paul said, “A wide door of opportunity for effectual [service] has opened to me…and [there are] many adversaries” (1 Corinthians 16:9 AMP).

Defeating Your Giants

These adversaries are like giants, and there are little ones and big ones. Sometimes they come in the form of a mental attack, or they could come through a person you’re close to. People actually laughed at me when I told them what I felt God was calling me to do. Or an adversary could be one of those little daily aggravations we all face.

The bottom line is that the devil sets us up to get us upset. Because he knows that as soon as we get upset and emotional, we stop hearing from God. All we’re hearing is our own frustration and thoughts, and we become aggravated at everybody else. But if you want to fulfill God’s call on your life, you have to learn how to face adversity—your giants—and overcome it.

First Samuel 17 gives us a formula for defeating the giants in our lives. All the soldiers of Israel were in a valley and a giant named Goliath was threatening them. No one wanted to fight Goliath so a shepherd boy named David decided that he would slay the giant. When King Saul heard what David wanted to do, he told him it was a ridiculous idea and that he was too young. David did eventually kill the giant, and we can learn a lot about defeating our own adversaries from his story.

Ignore Criticism

The first thing you have to do is ignore the criticism and the unbelief of others. In 1 Samuel 17:32-33 (AMP), David said to Saul, “Let no man’s heart fail because of this Philistine; your servant will go out and fight with him.’ And Saul said to David, ‘You are not able to go to fight against this Philistine. You are only an adolescent, and he has been a warrior from his youth.” David responded by telling King Saul all that God could do.

Remember Victories

The second thing you have to do if you want to defeat your giants is remember the past victories God has given you. When you get in a tight spot, look back at what God has already brought you through and delivered you from. Don’t look at how far you have to go; look at how far you’ve come.

Watch Your Words

It’s also important to speak the Word and not words of defeat. In 1 Samuel 17:46-47, David tells Goliath exactly how’s he’s going to defeat him. He says, “This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will smite you and cut off your head. And I will give the corpses of the army of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saves not with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands.”

I love the fact that David knew what he had to do. He ran to the battle line, trusting God and confessing out loud what was going to happen to the giant. See, when we put our confidence in God, we can overcome any obstacle. You can speak the Word of God and say: “I know who I am, and I know who I belong to. I am a child of the living God. Nothing will defeat me. This is God’s promise to me in His Word, and I will not do without the very best that God says that I can have. I will not give up!”

Glorifying God

Ultimately, David was totally dependent on God and gave Him all the glory. He wasn’t really concerned with what he could do because he knew what God could do. We don’t need to look at ourselves; we need to look at God and know that with Him, all things are possible.

You don’t have to be defeated by Satan’s lies, and you don’t have to quit. You can defeat your giants and see the fulfillment of your dreams. God does not want you to give up—He wants you to get up. With His help and your determination, you can finish what you’ve started!

–Joyce Meyer

Kiwango cha Mungu – Double Agent



Pamoja na mabadiliko makubwa ya nyakati zetu katika siasa, uchumi utamaduni (maadili) na kidini. Mungu anacho kiwango chake ambacho ndicho anakubaliana nacho katika maisha yetu. Ili tuweze kuishi na kufiti katika mipango na makusudi yake ni lazima tuangalie kukitunza kiwango cha Mungu katika maisha yetu.

“Kwa kuwa mimi Bwana si kigeugeu (sibadiliki)” Malaki 3:6 Biblia inaonyesha kuwa tumeitwa na tumfananie Mungu na kamwe si Mungu atufananie sisi. Kwa hali hiyo kama hali yetu haifanani na Mungu wito ni sisi kubadilika na wala si Mungu abadilike awe kama tunavyotaka sisi au rafiki zetu, mazingira yetu au jamii. Biblia huonyesha kuwa sisi tunabadilishwa toka UTUKUFU hadi UTUKUFU. Mungu anatunza kiwango chake na kiwango cha Mungu kinakwenda sawa sawa na Neno lake.

Biblia huonyesha mtu hufanana na mawazo yake. “Maana aonavyo nafsini mwake, ndivyo alivyo…”.Mithali 23:7 (Tafsiri ya King James hutumia kufikiri badala ya kuona katika nafsi.) Neno la Mungu ni mawazo ya Mungu; kwa hiyo linamfunua Mungu vile alivyo. Ili tumfananie Mungu inabidi tulitafakari Neno lake. Ndipo litaumba picha ya ki-Mungu katika mawazo yetu. Wala tusifanye kuifuatisha dunia na kuwaza ya dunia tu.“Wakuu wa Yuda ni kama watu waondoao alama ya mpaka; nitawamwagia ghadhabu yangu kama maji” Hosea 5:10

Wito wetu ni kutunza kiwango cha Mungu. Sisi ni vielelezo. Kiwango cha Mungu kinamtambulisha Mungu wetu katika jamii kama Jehova Nissi. Yaani yeye ni bendera yetu. Mfano mzuri ni jinsi Musa katika vita dhidi ya Amaleki alivyonyanyua kiwango cha Mungu (fimbo iliyowakilisha mamlaka ya Mungu) na hapo Joshua alishinda vita. Watumishi na viongozi wa kiroho wakinyanyua kiwango hiki ambacho ni neno la Mungu kina Joshua (kanisa) wanashinda vita. Kiwango kikiondolewa kanisa na taifa hupoteza mwelekeo. Kutoka 17: 11-15


Kuna watu ambao katika ujasusi( upelelezi) hufanya kazi pande zote mbili huku kila upande ukiamini unafanyiwa kazi wenyewe. Double agent anakubalika pande zote na hulipwa mshahara na pande zote. Na katika ujasusi huyu ndiye mtu wa hatari ambaye akipatikana hawezi kusamehewa. Ndani ya kanisa pia wamo double agents. Kanisa la Laodikia walionywa kuacha tabia hii mbaya.

“Nayajua matendo yako, ya kuwa hu baridi wala moto (wewe ni double agent);” Ufunuo 3:15 Haiwezekani kutunza kiwango cha Mungu kisha ukaonekana kote kote. Lazima uweke msimamo na dira itakayotambulisha matakwa na kiwango cha Mungu.

Ni lazima tufike mahali tunamtambulisha Mungu katika kila hatua ya maisha yetu kwa viwango vyaUPENDOwetu,UAMINIFU, USAFI, UVUMILIVU, UKARIMU, HURUMA, UNYENYEKEVU NA UTII.Sharti ifikie hatua maisha yetu yanaakisi hali ya Mungu wetu. Hapo tunaweza kuwa manabii( wasemaji wa Mungu) kwa kizazi chetu. Watu wanaotuona wapate ujumbe wa jinsi Mungu alivyo na anavyotaka katika maisha yao. Hatuwezi kuridhia maovu na kuchukuliana na udhaifu wa dunia hii na bado tutegemee kuwa nuru. Mungu atusaidie kuwa watu wanaosimamia kiwango cha Mungu katika siku zetu na hapo maisha yetu yatakuwa na faida katika ufalme wa Mungu.

Mungu akubariki.

–Rhema Tanzania



Historia imejaa simulizi ya watu waliotetea na kushindania imani zao dhidi ya upinzani.

Wapenzi nilipokuwa nikifanya bidii sana kuwaandikia habari za wokovu ambao ni wetu sisi sote, Naliona imenilazimu kuwaandikia, ili mwonyane kwamba mwishindanie imani waliyokabidhiwa watakatifu mara moja tu. Kwa maana kuna watu waliojiingiza kwa siri, watu waliondikiwa tangu zamani hukumu hii, makafiri, wabadilio neema ya Mungu wetu kuwa ufisadi, nao humkana yeye aliye peke yake Mola, na Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo. Yuda 1:3

Yuda anawatia moyo watu wa Mungu kusimama kidete dhidi ya ukengeufu wa nyakati zake na kuitetea imani ya kweli. Watu wenye hila waliingiza mafundisho ya uongo katika kanisa ili kupotosha imani. Inashangaza leo jinsi watu wengi wanavyojitoa kufuata na kutetea imani kengeufu na mafundisho mapotofu kuishi. Haki za mashoga, imani za waganga wa kieneyeji, kujitoa mhanga kwa kujilipua ili kutimiza jihad, maafundisho ya dini mfu zisizo na msaada kwa roho za watu zinasisitiza taratibu za nje kama kubatizwa, kuzikwa na kiongozi wa dini na sherehe mbali mbali za dini bila mabadiliko ya kweli moyoni .

Yuda anatuhimiza kuweka nguvu zetu katika imani sahihi inayoleta wokovu toka kwa kwa Bwana Yesu. Wokovu ni maisha ya imani yanayoegemea kwa Bwana Yesu na kuongozwa naye. Ni maisha ambayo Yesu Kristo ndio mhimili, maana yake ni mwokozi. Hivyo jina Yesu linaisimamia kazi aliyokuja kufanya hapa duniani. Kama vile Mkulima ni jina la kazi afanyayo mtu anayefukua ardhi na kupanda mbengu na kuzitunza hadi kuvuna mazao, kama vile mwalimu kazi yake ni kufundisha basi mwokozi kazi yake ni kuokoa. Na kwa vile alikuja hapa ulimwenguni ina maana Mungu alipenda wokovu utufikie hapa duniani. Nikisema nimeokoka maana yake Mwokozi Yesu ametenda kazi katika maisha yangu. Yesu asipookoa basi hastahili kuitwa Yesu (Mwokozi)


Tunaweka msisitizo mkubwa katika imani ya wokovu kwa sababu kulingana na 1 Pet 1:6 imani ya wokovu ina thamani sana. Thamani yake inathibitishwa na vipimo vya ubora ambavyo ni majaribu. Imani ya wokovu inavuka majaribuni bila kumwaibisha mwokozi. Kama dhahabu inavyopimwa kwa moto, majaribu pia huipima imani ya wokovu na kuithibitisha.

• Hii ni imani takatifu Yuda 1:20 Imani ya wokovu imebeba upekee wa Mungu. Sifa ya uaminifu, ukweli na haki. Haichanganyi uongo au hila au ukatili katika kumwabudu na mkumfuata Yesu. Imebeba upendo na huruma, uaminfu na usafi. Imani ya wokovu haikubaliani na maisha ya uovu.

• Inatolewa mara moja Yuda 1:3 Biblia hudai Kristo baada ya toleo moja dhidi ya dhambi ameketi (amepumzika).

Waebrania 10:12,26, 33-34 Samson alitengeneza na kujirudi kabisa lakini alipoteza maisha yake pamoja na kisasi cha Wafilisti. Ni vigumu sana kurudi pale ulipokwishafikia na Bwana, gharama yake ni kubwa kurudi mahali uliokuwa kwanza.

Esau alitafuta sana nafasi ya kutubu hakuipata, Yakobo akachukua nafasi yake, naye Yuda Iskariote hakupata tana ile fursa aliyopoteza na usimamizi wake akautwaa mwingine.


1. NI NGAO YA MTU WA MUNGU. Usalama wa mtu Mungu umesimama hapo. Efeso 6:16 Shetani akitaka kudhuru mtu anawinda ngao yake ili kumwondolea ulinzi. Bila ulinzi huna kinga maana kila shambulio litakupata (UKOSEFU WA KINGA YA KIROHO)


3. NDIO NJIA (MAISHA YA MTU WA MUNGU) Hatuenedi kwa kuona 2 Wakolosai 5:7

4. NDIYO NJIA PEKEE YA KUMPENDEZA MUNGU. Waebrania 11:6 hapa inaelezwa mfano wa Maisha ya Henoko. Huu ni mfano mzuri wa mtu aliyeishi maisha ya kumpendeza Mungu. Bwana akaenda naye. Wako wapi watakaoenda na Bwana katika nyakati zetu. IKIWA UNATAKA KWENDA NA BWANA KATIKA MAISHA YAKO ITABIDI USHINDANIE IMANI YAKO. Jiunge na watumishi wa Mungu wa nyakati zote kuitetea imani yako.


Naambiwa Mathayo alitetea imani yake na wokovu hadi akauwa kwa upanga kule Ethiopia.

Marko naye katika kuihubiri imani ya wokovu aliuawa pale Alexandria Misri baada ya kuvutwa na magari ya farasi katika njia za mji.

Luka yule tabibu naye alisimama kidete kwa imani yake hadi akatundikwa katika mti wa mtende pale Ugiriki.

Yohana naye baada ya kushindikana kumwua kwa kumtupa katika mafuta yanayochemka alifungwa katika kisiwa cha Patmos.

Petro alipotishiwa kusulubiwa asipoikana imani ya wokovu aliomba asisulubiwe kama Yesu badala yake yeye awekwe kichwa chini miguu juu. Akauwa kule Roma akiitetea imani yake kwa Yesu.

Yakobo alikatwa kichwa Yerusalem lakini hakuikana imani yake.

Bathlomayo alichunwa ngozi katika mateso ya kujaribu kumfanya aikane imani.

Andrea alikusulubiwa msalabani akiwahubiri waliomsulubu juu ya uzuri wa Bwana Yesu hadi akafa.

Thomas akihubiri imani ya wokovu kule India alichomwa mikuki kule India hadi akafa.

Yuda alipigwa mishale na kufa bila kuikana imani yake,

Mathia alipigwa kwa mawe kisha akakatwa kichwa bila kuikana imani yake.

Barnaba aliuawa kwa kupigwa mawe kule Salonike na,

Paulo akakatwa kichwa na Nero kule Roma, wote hawa wakabaki wakitetea imani yao kwa Yesu.

Mimi pia sikuwahi kupata upinzani kuhusiana na imani hadi nilipookoka.

Paulo vile vile ndipo akasema “wote wapendao maisha ya utauwa wataudhiwa” 2Tim 3:12


Ikiwa tutasimama kuitetea imani yetu, ndipo itakapodhihirika kuwa imani yetu ina thamani na ubora wake kufunuliwa.

Mungu akubariki

–UCF Bukoba